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38" x 38"  600-D Battle flag
  • 38" x 38" 600-D Battle flag

    SKU: 13776672

    2 ply polyester is the most durable option for those who fly their flag 24/7. This flag features beautifully embroidered stars and sewn panels with rich, vibrant color. (600-D)


    • Heavy duty construction

    • Fade resistant

    • Sewn panels and embroidered stars

    • Heavy canvas header with brass grommets

    • 4 rows of stitching on the fly end to prevent premature fraying

    • Flag size 38" x 38".


    This is a beautifully sewn 2 ply polyester Rebel 38x38 square artillery battle flag. Typically, the unit would take the flag and add their name i.e. 10th Texas, 20th Alabama, etc. and then add the "honors" (major battles in which they fought). Flag presentation ceremonies could be very elaborate social events. There were no two battle flags exactly alike, but this square configuration was definitely the most common and most recognizable.