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52" x 52" Infantry Cotton Battle flag
  • 52" x 52" Infantry Cotton Battle flag

    SKU: 29451047

    Infantry Style Square Confederate Battle Flag


    Cotton flags feature a very heavy, luxurious look and feel. They are commonly used indoors because of their old world, hand crafted appearance but can also be flown outside, although they are not very durable or fade resistant with prolonged exposure to the outdoor elements. Cotton flags are also suitable for tea staining and/or framing and hanging indoors.


    • Heavy, soft cotton fabric
    • Sewn panels and appliqued stars
    • Heavy canvas header with 3 brass grommets
    • Flag size 52" x 52".

    This is a beautifully sewn cotton Rebel 52x52 square battle flag.


    The square battle flag was most commonly used by Confederate infantry, artillery and cavalry units because it was one of the few flags of the Confederacy that was professionally made in large quantities and was most readily available. The Virginia Clothing Depot primarily made uniforms, socks and drawers for the Confederate military, but also produced quite a number of flags, the square battle flag being one of them. Officially, the 32"x32" flag was intended for cavalry units, 38"x38" for artillery and 52"x52" was for infantry, although many cavalry and artillery units preferred the larger size. Typically, the unit would take the flag and add their name i.e. 10th Texas, 20th Alabama, etc. and then add the "honors" (major battles in which they fought). Many other confederate military units were presented with flags "from home". In other words, a local merchant or a group of women from the town or county the men in that unit were from, would design and make a flag for their men to carry into battle. Flag presentation ceremonies could be very elaborate social events. There were no two battle flags exactly alike, but this square configuration was definitely the most common and most recognizable.